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Fernando Martínez Cuervo


President of the Spanish Society of Geriatric Nursing and Gerontology (SEEGG in Spanish).


Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology. University of Basque Country.
Diploma in Nursing. University of Oviedo.
Official Degree in Geriatric Nursing Specialist.
Master Degree in Psychosocial Intervening in Old Age. University of Oviedo
Superior Degree in Gerontology. University of Santiago de Compostela
University Master in Gerontology. Social Gerontolgy Specialty. University of Santiago de Compostela

Director of the Polyvalent Resource Center for the Elderly El Cristo, belonging to the ERA (Residential Establishments for the Elderly of The Principality of Asturias)

Collaborating Professor:
- University of Cantabria, in the Official Master Degree in Integral Management and Research in Chronic Wounds Care and in the University Expert Course in Chronic Wounds Care and Cures.
- University of Oviedo, in the Postgraduate University Expert Course in Gerontology of the University of Oviedo, giving theorical teaching since the 2010/2011 academic year to the present.
Speaker at different Congresses and Conferences related to the chronic wounds care and gerontologic care.
Author of several books and articles related to the elderly and chronic wound’s world.

President of the Spanish Society of Geriatric and Gerontologic Nursing.
Member of the Director Committee of the National Group for the Study and Advice on Pressure Ulcers and Chronic Wounds
Gerokomos Journal Coordinator
Member of the Technical Commission of the Socio-health Plan of The Principality of Asturias.